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To you all,

Hello, before getting started to write anything on this blog. I want you guys to know that I’m so excited about my very first blog in my entire life. I will do my best on this for sure. It is not only for the knowledge which we will learn on this new journey, but I also count this blog as an experience to push me to grow further and to reflect something so that one day I can look back and reminisce what I’ve done during the year.

I completed my studies with Journalism and Mass Communication background, but I considered myself a student of values and businesses. Thereby I always try to find the opportunity to be one step closer to my goal to pursue my life with a journey of entrepreneurship. Although, I was fortunate to find internship and work in Public relations anyhow, kind of those work is not the best position that I wanted to do but at least I had learnt that marketing and communication are crucial to business.

I seek to learn innovative business, and startups to learn how to initiate and grow a sustainable organisation. More importantly, I would like to exchange ideas with people from different background, study business cases, learn new cultures and absorb logic of proper business thinking.

After five-six months of preparation to study postgrads here in the UK, Everything happened like a roller coaster. Now, I am here at Kingston University to meet all of you. 17th of September was the first day of induction week that has begun, and I think it was very challenged to me because everything here is new for me ..

new place,

new friends,

new environment,

It will also become my new home for at least one year.

All of unspoken feeling came through on September 21st. And it goes crazier. After we met MACER and we had to join as a team to did the first workshop together in two days which gave us a little warmup what we are gonna learn in design thinking for startups modules in a year. This workshop is adapt with Lean-startups theory that I not know what is it about. It’s happened in two days we would know more or less about the theory and how to use it in business between people to people. Even I know for now it was very hard at the beginning, but we can push each other and keep it up together!

To my future self,

Remember why you are here. It just because you want to moving forward, seek an opportunity to opening new door, keep trying new thing. You are here and the time is now. Fern, you should make the most out of it.

This is life. Sometimes it’s like a roller coaster. It will go up, it will go down, but we don’t have to crash. We can learn to enjoy the ride. No matter how high you can jump, you can’t fly without learning how to do it.

At the end of something, it has to be the beginning of a new story.

I’m sure that It would be the best journey that will happen along the year!



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