Design Museum

As being a part of this module, we all found a great opportunity to went to visit the Design Museum located in High Street Kensington together. The purpose of the visit to explore and find the relationship between business and design, and also, find inspiration for our product. It gave an opportunity to discover from different perspectives: the designer, the maker, and the user. 

‘Designer Maker User’ is a permanent exhibition that has many features around 1,000 items of design from different through these three interconnected roles and viewed. To the world of digitalisation, this exhibition covers design from the wide range for example architect, engineer, fashion and graphic designers who can be related to business nowadays.

In ‘Designer’ segment I was fascinated with the work from Italian architect and designer , Ernesto Rogers, which named ‘FROM THE SPOON TO THE CITY’

The question: What is design? I found Ernesto Rogers said that “In essence design is a process or way of thinking that can be applied at any scale.

What’s so good about designers? Designers can understand our needs, both practical and emotional, that sets them apart from other creative professionals. By the way, design process involves research as well as intuition and progresses through trial and error. It might took a time for generated the idea, making 3D or prototype for test the idea work practically.

Some of the most successful companies use design as the foundation of their business. They carefully control the look, feel and identity of their products. They employ design across every aspect of their activities from branding, to shop interiors and staff uniforms.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

During my visit I spotted the Internet of Things (IoT) board. This included numerous things that I hadn’t considered as IoT material, plus quite few things I had never heard and see. The simple fact that this is in the design museum tells us that whether we like it or not the Internet Of Things is making big strides into our mass culture, perhaps in a way that smart technology has not? How many things can you identify from the design museum’s IoT board from your daily life?

To conclude, after came back from Design museum we had a shared conversation about what is good design? We are discussing, reflecting about how design could change the way of doing the business from a different point of view. Otherwise, ‘what is good design’ is the question that still open to discuss and find the answer along the way in this business world. So, I might say that three different part; designer, user and maker; are all in the essential part in to-date business’s world which can always be changing, moving and improving by the culture of innovation and people. The important thing is we should not miss any trend or something new that might jump in the world whether we are in the role of designer, maker or user. 

Design Museum, Designer, Maker, User. Available at [Accessed: 12/12/2018]


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