As we discussed in class. We learned that Design thinking could applied to business. We found that when designers are framing a question or a problem and then find the answer or solution in order to understand people, business and customer. In start-ups businesses, framing a question for asking people is a fundamental thing that can narrow the answer and will lead to the real insight of people.

Design thinking is valuable in any business, not just in creative industries, and also for people who have worked with designing products. It is often powerful when applied to abstract things or the problems for example design thinking can be used for improving customer experience, for encouraging the customer to use something more. For some way, design thinking can also use for “rethink” about the product (by an organisation) to attract more customer. 

Design thinking is now being applied to address an issue for our team. On our first idea that came with inspiration from Chinese bamboo, we did an excellent presentation and got many feedbacks from our classmate and lecturer. I felt that we did great work. By the way, our idea should empathy with people more than we thought before we present our idea instead of making an assumption for solving the problem only.

The week after, Khalid (my teammate) randomly found one problem with people who use crutches. He had a conversation with one old lady with crutches after it is rain and she got wet. He asks her why you are so wet and then she explained to him that she can not hold the umbrellas when she has to use crutches. Other members including me were all agreed that this problem comes from the real problem which empathy with people more than our first idea. So, we all thought that we should go out and talk to people who might face these issues and let’s see what we get from the answer. At the same time, we decided to change our product for Young Enterprise and prepared it for two minutes stand-up in class and look forward to a useful comment for us.

Unfortunately, when we went out to talked to people, we found that crutches with an umbrella (our new idea – product) might not use for our target and we also felt that when we asked people, we are not passionate about it that much. So, we going back to our first idea and talk with people about that. Moreover, we tried our best to use design thinking process to dick deep to the real customer needs that we can develop our product.

Reference : Brown, T., & Katz, Barry. (2009). Change by design : How design thinking transforms organizations and inspires innovation. New York: Harper Business.


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