Design thinking for Start-ups is the module that aims to give us the knowledge and understanding of creative and entrepreneurial behaviours necessary for developing a product/service. Thus, we have to establish an innovative business as a team and set up our own business. To attend in Young Enterprise and competitions that provide us with an opportunity for growth in any field particular on Start-ups.

The best combination for one team is we have to have not more than four people and recommended by teacher and the course director, and they said that it would be great if we can find two people from IME students and another two from MACE students.

Finally, after we get to know each other a little bit more during the first three to four weeks, I already found my teammate, me from and one guy from IME name Khalid and another two MACER, Toon and Bharat. We still don’t know much about each other especially when working together at the first we teamed up but I hope we might get along very well and we can be great teamwork. “ASOCIAL” is our team name that we wish to do something good for social which means it can be related to people or environment, or it could be anything that we still have no the exact idea. However, we intended to use theory adapted with some practice and processed that we learned in class to help us unleashed the idea to do our businesses.

The actual work is when we start working before our first pitching the idea. We do kick-off meeting to generate the idea; list the topic that could be the problem, talk about problem that we faced in our everyday life. We came up with many topics such as security, time management, children, nutrition. We decided to go out for seeking more problem and come back to talk to each other again.

On the following week, we brainstorming about what issue that could happen to people. We focused on people who don’t have time to prepare their meals. They have to rely on a food product that not good for their health. After we found the problem, we tried to be emphasised and understood the need of the people and customer. Finally, we found an inspiration that came from Chinese bamboo steamer which can be provided with good steam food. 

Our product from the first idea will be an on-the-go mug that can be used everywhere. It efficiently uses plug in with USB. When we can identify an issue, already got an idea. We have to prepare our first presentation and I’m so excited about what others think with our product.


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