Holidays have come to an end; it is the time to bring what we have done in previous semester into the next step. I could not imagine what will happen in this semester. We, asocial team, know that lots of work are awaits. This could be the most challenges things and valuable experiences we can get from the journey. 

Asocial back in team and has a kick-off meeting. We try to figure it out what will be the final product after got the feedback from dragons’ den pitching in December. The final product for our team is a ‘salad shaker’ which will be the product that show up in our first trade fair in Kingston business school on 24 January. The salad shaker is focused specifically on raw food consumer that ,maybe, still use a plastic cup or something that is not in a very good design. We believe that people who have healthy food and raw food like salad could be more and more ‘fashionable’ than they used to. 

Our product is named ‘SHAKESY’ that we agreed to have this to name together. We aimed to push Shakesy to be the sexiest salad shaker ever. 

In this semester, we divided the works into two parts; production and branding. The reasons are from the less time we have, plus, we had learnt from last semester. We knew which work suits each one and what makes us work easier. Bharat and Khalid took part in the production part that they will get a prototype for the 1st trade fair and then design and searching for best materials and the best way to produce. So, Toon and I are working together on the branding part. 

After we passed the first trade fair, we have got a lot of experiences and feedbacks. So, I put them on a list to remind and to improve our work for the next trade fair.

What we got from the 1st trade fair 

  • Gain followers from 57 to 72 followers from our business card.
  • People can get the idea of our product from a short video.
  • The prototype can help people see what we are talking about
  • Recipes book can add value to our product, but it can develop to deliver more value if they can take it with them.
  • Know & get the idea of how to connect with the customer after they buy our product. Some of our friends told us that it would be nice if we not only give the recipes for the customer but also received the feedback or get new menu from the customer as well. 

Area to improve

  • Change the way we present our recipes book > to go recipes next time 
  • How to deliver information to people or customer related to teamwork > should prepare and separate part for each person in the team
  • Content and language we use for advertising our brand should be less formal to represent a friendly connection with the customer.

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